Description of Cloud Web Hosting

Description of Cloud Web Hosting

At the moment, almost each and every web hosting and reseller web hosting distributor plays with the idiom «cloud web hosting». Actually, the web hosting providers availing of a real cloud web hosting system are most likely less than the fingers of your own two hands.

That’s a notorious fact. Why is it like that? Because it’s damn difficult to develop an actual cloud site hosting system. In the first place, you must uncover the proper individuals. Second of all, it takes years for them to construct the cloud web site hosting platform. Last, but definitely not least, it involves a lot of money.

Plenty of cash. Not every software developer or admin can become part a project like this one…

Several clouds in the azure web hosting horizon

Consider this: how many hybrid car manufacturers exist out there? Toyota was the initial pioneer of the repetitive flow production of hybrid electric vehicles. Commenced about 10 years ago. Recalling anyone else? Huh? Serial production? Come on. Try once more.

Nissan lately has joined the band… going straightway electric with the Leaf prototype. So, let’s go back to cloud website hosting… It appears to us, the entire webspace hosting sky is azure, with very minute clouds around (maybe just a few).

cPanel-based web page hosting versus CLOUD WEBSITE HOSTING

How many of the cPanel-based reseller hosting distributors in existence provide genuine cloud web hosting services? Let’s not ignore, cPanel was set up for and still runs exclusively on one hosting server. In no less than ninety nine point ninety nine percent of the cPanel installations in the world, cPanel runs on one single web server.

In brief, the cPanel shared web hosting platform is a single-hosting-server-does-it-all sort of a website hosting platform.

All storage space, email, database, FTP, web site hosting CP, DNS, etc. tasks are being executed concurrently on a single hosting server.

One-server website hosting systems: the queue problemHere’s an example: it’s like running 8 software applications at one and the same time on your computer. The computer’s operation inescapably slows down dramatically, because now there is a lengthy queue with tasks awaiting to be served or executed (created by these eight software applications running concurrently). So, when the cPanel web space hosting reseller providers call the web site hosting solutions that are being offered «cloud site hosting-based», it’s a good idea to ask them the question: «What kind of cloud are you talking about?»

The dense mist around the cPanel-based «cloud hosting» solution

This so-called «cloud» these cPanel-obsessed chaps are citing, in actuality, more or less, seems like a big mist or a thick smog. Certainly this is not a cloud, even a minute one. In the best-case scenario, some of the cPanel hosting corporations (probably just several) succeed to come up with a remote database or DNS server (or servers), and here we go, they rapidly pronounce – we are «in the cloud» already.

Yeah, right. Is it a night cloud? Because in the daylight we can’t detect it on the horizon!