cPanel Cloud Hosting

Reseller webspace hosting and «THE BIG CLOUD»

Today, almost every web hosting and reseller hosting distributor toys with the maxim «cloud web hosting». As it happens, the web hosting vendors utilizing a genuine cloud web hosting platform are maybe less than the fingers of your own two hands. That’s a notorious fact. Why is it like that? Because it’s darned troublesome to build a genuine cloud webspace hosting platform. First of all, you have to pick the right individuals.

Second, it takes years for them to construct the cloud web hosting system. Lastly, it takes lots of money. Heaps of money. Not every programmer or system administrator can take part in an enterprise such as this one…

Several clouds in the blue web space hosting sky

Consider the following: how many hybrid car constructors exist out there? Toyota was the oldest trailblazer of the repetitive flow production of hybrid cars. Commenced almost 10 years ago. Recollecting anyone else? Huh? Repetitive flow production? Come on. Attempt once again. Nissan lately has joined the gang… going straightway electric with the Leaf prototype.

So, let’s return to cloud web site hosting… It seems to us, the entire site hosting sky is sapphire, with very petit clouds around (probably only several).

cPanel web space hosting vs. CLOUD WEB SPACE HOSTIN

How many of the cPanel-based reseller hosting service providers in existence provide real cloud hosting services? Let’s not ignore, cPanel was set up for and still works only on a single hosting server. In no less than ninety nine point ninety nine percent of the cPanel installations worldwide, cPanel works on one hosting server.

To put it briefly, the cPanel web space hosting solution is a single-web-server-does-it-all type of a webspace hosting solution. All storage, mail, database, FTP, website hosting Control Panel, DNS, etc. tasks are being served at the same time on one hosting server.

One-server web page hosting systems: the queue problem

Here’s an instance: it’s like running eight software applications concurrently on your personal computer. The PC’s operation inescapably slows down significantly, since now there is an extensive queue with requests awaiting to be served or completed (generated by these eight software programs running at the very same time).

Thus, when the cPanel-based web hosting reseller companies call the web space hosting solutions on offer «cloud website hosting-based», it’s good to ask them the question: «What type of cloud are you hinting at?»

The dense haze around the cPanel-based «cloud web space hosting» platform

This so-called «cloud» these cPanel-fanatical boys are hinting at, in fact, to a certain degree, seems like a vast mist or a dense smog. Doubtlessly this is not a cloud, even a miniature one. In the best case, some of the cPanel hosting distributors (perchance just a few) manage to configure a remote database or DNS server (or servers), and here you are, they quickly announce – we are «in the cloud» already. Yeah, right. Is it a nighttime cloud? Because during the day we can’t discern it on the horizon!